Holiday Gift Guide

I have run a variety of outdoor blogs starting back since 2009.  Most of them centered around fly fishing, but as I grew as a blogger and person, I started to incorporate many different aspects and activities centered around an outdoor lifestyle.  This is a post from one of those blogs.

It seems like every year I get a few people asking me what they should get for the person in their life that loves the outdoors.  This year I decided to put together a little Holiday Gift Guide.  The prices I listed are what the items typically retail for.  I do know that you can find most of them on sale at the moment!  I included my top picks and then a few items I think are still worthy of your consideration.  This holiday season, buy a gift that encourages those around you to get outside!  That truly is the best gift that you can give someone and these would go a long way in helping inspire that sense of adventure.


Topo Designs Dopp Kit – $29

I don’t know if there is a more versatile piece of kit than the Topo Designs Dopp Kit.  I use one of these bags every day and take two with me on all of my trips.  I live in a small two bedroom apartment where counter space is a premium in our bathroom.  One of the Dopp Kits holds all that I need to get ready for the day.  This also makes it easy to grab and go when I go on a trip.   The other Dopp Kit holds my Aero Press, Porlex Grinder, filters, and a half pound of Calm Waters Coffee.  All I need to add is water and a mug, and I have great coffee for any trip.  The design allows them to stand upright which makes it easy to get things in and out.  These can be used to hold whatever you can stuff in there (which is a lot more than you think).

Tenkara Rod Co Sierra Package – $199

Looking for something that is unique to give?  Take a hard look at the Tenkara Rod Co Sierra package.   This has everything you need to get out on the water and start catching fish.  This is a great gift for the person who loves fishing AND for someone who likes to backpack and is looking for something to add to their trips.  These rods pack down very small and are so light that you won’t notice them in your pack as you hike back to the small brookie stream, or when you get away from the crowds on your favorite body of water.  This is also a great introductory rod for someone looking to get into fly fishing.  The package comes with the rod, some flies, tippet, furled leader, and line holder.  Fishing with a tenkara rod is about as fun as it gets.  If you don’t know much about tenkara, you can learn more at the Tenkara Rod Co website.  This is also a very gorgeous rod.  Extend it all the way out, and you will know what I mean!

Danner Mountain Light Boots -$380

I know what you are thinking….that is way to much money for a pair of boots.   I would agree, but these are the last boots you would need to buy.  The Danner Mountain Light boots (once broken in) are some of the most comfortable boots you can own.  They can be dressed up for a night out with your friends, or taken out and abused on the trail.  They have a Gore-Tex waterproof liner in them which means your feet will always be dry and comfortable, no matter what mother nature tries to throw your way.  These boots are made in the USA and are recraftable.  This means that after you wear the soles out you can ship them back to be replaced.  I got these as a gift, and I know how that made me feel….so I know whoever you buy these for will absolutely  love them.  They have the classic hiker look with some modern features.


Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug – $24

This is my go to coffee mug, and the one that has out lasted all the others.  This mug takes all the worry about your coffee spilling as you drive down the dirt road to your favorite stretch of river.  The simple push button design makes drinking your coffee a breeze.  This mug will keep your coffee warm all day long if you decide to nurse it.  A super rugged design makes it bomb proof.  This is not a mug to be gentile with.  The added dings and dents add to the character.  Get out and drink your coffee without worry!

Exped Air Pillow (size large) – $34

This may seem like an unnecessary item, but once you have one you will never want to go backpacking with out one!  Having a good nights sleep is very important when you are on the trail and this little pillow makes that possible!  This pillow packs up so small that you will want to just leave it in your pack for the time you just feel like laying down and resting!  This is also great for those sad moments when your flight is delayed, too!

ENO Single/Double Nest with Atlas Straps – $30-70

Another item that you would want to just leave in your pack is a hammock.  The ENO system is so easy and convenient to set up that you will be looking for excuses to go outside and lay in your hammock.  This would make a great gift for those looking to lounge around in their yard, at a park, on the trail, and even in their house with the wall hanger kit!  These hammocks are very strong and durable – something everyone should own!

I hope this list helped you in your search for that perfect gift!  Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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